Monday, July 14, 2008


Day 4

Alyssa seems happy from the pictures I have viewed on the camp website. I hope to get a letter from her soon. Jack is happy as well. he got to sleep over his cousins house again. This time there was no issues. He even helped his Aunt out with chores. I will post a picture or two from camp.

FElix and I have been doing stuff around the house. I *STILL* cant get the cat smell out of the basement. We fixed a banister that was broken. I did the kids and guest room, as far as cleaning out junk. Stuff has been taken away from the free list on craigslist. We are going to look at a few houses to see if any "rock our boat". Moving is such a BIG task. In some ways I want to move and in other ways I dont. We bought this house as our "last" house until the kids left. But the schools did not turn out the way we had planned.

Today I came to the office for work. Been a while since I was here. I sorta miss it. it is very slow though. I hope we dont have layoffs.

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